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The must have of the season. Mules are the latest trend and very easy to combine with different outfits.

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The bomber jacket is perfect for spring.

Warm enough yet not too much and available in an endless panel of colors and embellishments.  We can find them on Saint Laurent and Gucci catwalks among others.

We had flower printed ones, varsity jackets like ones, transparent ones and satin richly embroidered ones just like… in Drive but 5 years after 😉

1. How to choose the bomber?

The bomber is merely a shape. So you can choose every colour, every fabric and every pattern.

a. Oversize bomber

This is the overcool way to wear it right.

b. Fitted bomber

This is also cool, modern and less risky to style. The waistline can stop at your waist to the top of your hip bones.

2. How to style the bomber?

The eccentric bombers are nice because you can make any boring outfit look fashionable.  If you choose a statement bomber, you do not need to make much effort actually.

a. What bottom?

The bomber has a round shape and it always looks nice when you balance it with a right bottom.

  • Tight mini-shorts

* A-line skirts, culotte pants, double skirts etc.


* Boyfriend jean 👖 


* Pencil skirt or dresses 


* Fluid mini-skirts and dresses 


* Fitted jeans 


* Skinnies 


Fashion art

Hey Hey, Spring is beck and fashion ideas are multiplying with new trends and style. Lots of style….

Atelier en Ville propose a range of new comfortable style of clothing. I personally love it 😍 and I hope you’ll be inspired.

Atelier en Ville 🌃Rue Haute 1000 Brussels Belgium 🇧🇪

New photos 😉